Stakeholder Management

Your advanced network of business, legal and financial experts.

From brokers to conveyancers, HR consultants to solicitors, Advisory Corp has the network to scope, plan and launch any venture. So much more than accounting services

It would take months to put together a team of this calibre.

We’ve built a network of professionals that operate like the Advisory Corp team: proactively, efficiently, and quickly. Each expert is a rising star within their profession. We like to connect with young over-achievers who are disrupting their industries and changing the way people do business.

Dealing with too many moving parts?

“How can I be sure every ‘expert’ is capable of doing the job?”

“I have no idea if I’m getting ripped off.”

“I’m spending more time on comms than I am on my business!”

“I don’t know any specialist professionals I can trust.”

Let's chat about your project.

Industries we
frequently work with



Medical Professionals.

Professional Services.

Don’t pull your hair out. Pull your (virtual) finger out.

Advisory Corp’s cloud computing masterminds are on the case. There isn’t a set of data we can’t migrate or a system we can’t update. What you think is impossible is just another fun challenge for our seasoned professionals. We’ll turn techno-fear into tech-savvy and help you flip the bird to those clumsy spreadsheets.

Jacob Fahmy,


Accredited. Experienced. Trusted.

(and yes, we’ve won some awards too!)

Get setup with three easy steps:

It really is that simple – three steps to take control of your taxes.

Step 1

Book a call

Book a free 30 minute strategy call with Jacob

Step 2

Strategy session

Let’s chat about your business and the specific challenges holding you back.

Step 3

Get a plan

Get a plan tailored to your business to help manage your money more effectively with more confidence.

All strategy sessions conducted by Advisory Corp founder, Jacob Fahmy

No obligation, no pressure, and 100% free

No rehearsed spiels - just a relaxed and fun chat about your specific challenges

In-person, on the phone or video conferencing (we service Australia-wide)

Five huge advantages of Advisory Corp’s Stakeholder Management

A proven network

of trusted professionals who 100% deliver.

One stakeholder manager

who coordinates, communicates and reports until the job is done.


who are passionate about creating new ways of doing business.

Save time and money

by accessing top professionals who are fast and cost-efficient.

Peace of mind

that you can rely on getting the job done well.

Real Clients. Real solutions.


Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.

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Free Download: Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.


Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.