Accounting for Professional Services

Get your books performing as well as your business, so you can .

If time is money, bookkeeping is an expensive habit. Talk to expert accountants who understand how to cut costs and raise profits for successful professionals.

Personalised 1:1 service

Don't settle for a junior accountant - work directly with our Director Jacob.

Tailored to you

Everyone's situation is different, which is why we provide personalised, tailored advice.

Proactive & ongoing support

As circumstances change, we’re here to help you adjust your finances accordingly.

Scale-up / tax-down.

Even when you’re earning a good income, you don’t necessarily end up with lots of money. We help professionals manage their finances to pay the right amount of tax, and take home the right amount of profit.

Even the savviest professionals ask these questions.

Why does it take so long to find out which payments are write-offs?

Have I chosen a business structure that puts family assets at risk?

I don’t mind doing the books, but how can I do it faster?

How much more can I save with the right tax strategy?

Talk to the specialists turning freelancers and contractors into successful businesses

Jacob has been an incredible help since establishing my own business. He has not only been an accountant to me but more importantly, a trusted advisor. He’s helped me with formulating tax strategies, asset protection along with business advisory. What’s most important is he’s always been available to take my calls when in need.


Take your business to the next level with the right structure

With the ideal foundation, you could pay less tax, invest more and build a company capable of scaling up at speed.

Cut your bookkeeping from hours to minutes

Advisory Corp will migrate, optimise and simplify your cloud accounting system.

We know what it’s like to offer professional services

AC’s Jacob Fahmy knows the unique obstacles and opportunities facing professionals. We’ve built a reputation for fast and reliable recommendations that can dramatically increase the profits of busy specialists like you. We’re known for no-nonsense advice and proactive thinking that surfaces unique opportunities you may have never thought possible.

Time to book a tax chat?

Getting started is easy.

All it takes is a couple of clicks.

Step 1

Book a call

Book a free 30 minute strategy call with Jacob

Step 2

Strategy session

Let’s chat about your business and the specific challenges holding you back.

Step 3

Get a plan

Get a plan tailored to your business to help manage your money more effectively with more confidence.

All strategy sessions conducted by Advisory Corp founder, Jacob Fahmy

No obligation, no pressure, and 100% free

No rehearsed spiels - just a relaxed and fun chat about your specific challenges

In-person, on the phone or video conferencing (we service Australia-wide)

Tax is tricky, I get it!

I know and understand how hard it is to run a business, pay expenses, and earn enough money to make a profit – and then have the tax man take it away. I’ve personally been through this struggle – having built my business from the ground up, I can genuinely relate to the highs and lows of running a small business – and I can help you.

Jacob Fahmy,


Accredited. Experienced. Trusted.

(and yes, we’ve won some awards too!)

The guidance you need to reach your business goals.

Tax Planning

You see tax as a problem. We see it as an opportunity.

Business structuring

Aiming for the moon? We’ll build you a rocket!

Business advisory

We’ll create a path to success. And help you stay on track!

Cloud accounting

Watch your numbers soar in the cloud.

Tax & financial statements

Start paying the right about of tax, with confidence.

Managing stakeholders

We’ll create a path to success. And help you stay on track!

Real Clients. Real solutions.


Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.

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Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.