Business Advisory for Small Business

Get a path to business success. And get help staying on track.

We know what it’s like to put everything into a small business (heck we’ve done it ourselves). Think of Advisory Corp as your trusted advisor in business, listening, collaborating and guiding you on your journey to small business success!

You’ve heard it before, a failure to plan is a plan to fail… especially in small business.

Small business’ are the backbone of our economy, but did you know that 50% fail within 5 years? This might surprise you, but as accountants who service hundreds of small business clients, we’ve come to understand why.

Absorbed with wearing all the hats, it’s difficult for business owners to get a high level view of their, purpose, numbers and exit strategy.

If you find yourself asking,

"How much should I be paying myself?"

"Can I afford to hire someone?"

"I am making profit, but its not in my bank account. Is this right?"

"Honestly, is this whole business thing even worth it?"

You’re in the right place.

Industries we
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Medical Professionals.

Professional Services.

Sophisticated business planning made simple

Warren Buffet says that accounting is the language of business. We’re here to translate that language and turn it into actionable steps you can take to succeed. We help specifically with budgeting, goal setting, strategic planning, forecasting, profitability and cashflow. Most of all, business advisory is about empowering you the business owner and giving you clear insights into the numbers that drive your business to success (whatever that looks like to you)!

Keen to take your business to the next level?

Jacob Fahmy,


Accredited. Experienced. Trusted.

(and yes, we’ve won some awards too!)

Book a free 30-minute strategy session in three steps.

It really is that simple – three steps to take control of your taxes.

Step 1

Book a call

Book a free 30 minute strategy call with Jacob

Step 2

Strategy session

Let’s chat about your business and the specific challenges holding you back.

Step 3

Get a plan

Get a plan tailored to your business to help manage your money more effectively with more confidence.

All strategy sessions conducted by Advisory Corp founder, Jacob Fahmy

No obligation, no pressure, and 100% free

No rehearsed spiels - just a relaxed and fun chat about your specific challenges

In-person, on the phone or video conferencing (we service Australia-wide)

Benefits of sound business advice with Advisory Corp:

Maintain a clear budget for your success…

so that you’re not spinning your wheels.

Set and achieve goals that inspire you

to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Make great investments and decisions grounded in data

Grow your business the smart way.

Know the numbers that move the needle

And make your money work for you.

Real Clients. Real solutions.


Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.

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Free Download: Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.


Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.