Small Business Structuring

Aiming for the moon? We’ll build you a rocket!

Let’s crunch the numbers and structure your business, so you enjoy all the rewards without any unnecessary risks.

Will your business structure become a launchpad or an anchor?

There’s nothing better than being involved in the exciting first steps of an innovative new business. And there’s nothing worse than seeing a great idea fail due to poor structuring. Talk to the team that loves partnering with small businesses from the get-go.

If you’ve got a great idea, we’ll help you bring it to life by building a solid foundation.

Does this sound familiar…

I hear family trusts are a good idea, should I start one?

Whats the difference between a pty limited company and sole trader?

When should I start a company?

How does my structure affect my tax?

Will my structure limit business growth?

Let's chat about your business structure today.

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Medical Professionals.

Professional Services.

Tailored advice for your unique business.

No two business or business owners are the same, so it pays to get it right, with quality advice upfront. There is nothing worse then seeing new clients come through with either over the top unnecessary entities costing them thousands or a structure that needs to change, costing them thousands in tax to switch. A good business structure is the cornerstone of your ability to trade with confidence and efficiency, without drowning yourself in red tape.

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(and yes, we’ve won some awards too!)

Prepare to launch in three easy steps

It really is that simple – three steps to take control of your taxes.

Step 1

Book a call

Book a free 30 minute strategy call with Jacob

Step 2

Strategy session

Let’s chat about your business and the specific challenges holding you back.

Step 3

Get a plan

Get a plan tailored to your business to help manage your money more effectively with more confidence.

All strategy sessions conducted by Advisory Corp founder, Jacob Fahmy

No obligation, no pressure, and 100% free

No rehearsed spiels - just a relaxed and fun chat about your specific challenges

In-person, on the phone or video conferencing (we service Australia-wide)

Why Advisory Corp’s Business Structuring is a game-changer for small business

We get to know you and your business

By understanding your unique scenario, we can propose a range of structures designed to meet your needs.

We take a balanced approach

Some business structures are great for simplicity, some are great for tax and some are great for asset protection. The key is to ensure you have the best overall structure.

We educate

It’s important you as the business owner understand your structure and why it works for your business. This includes your tax rate, asset protection mechanisms, payroll, profit distribution and a whole lot more.

We keep an eye on targets

Life and business are not static. They change and your structure should change with it. With regular follow ups, we ensure that your business’ needs are continually being met.

Real Clients. Real solutions.


Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.

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Learn the industry secrets to explode your cashflow.